Message from Chairman, P&D Board

Message from Chairman, P&D Board


Sindh is grappling with a problem of high incidence of malnutrition and stunting, which is one of the main impediments to human development. Statistics on the health of children painted a bleak picture; 48 percent stunting, 15 percent wasting, 42 percent underweight and 1 percent overweight.

In a response to the situation Government of Sindh has chalked out a comprehensive plan to bring about significant improvements vis-a-vis mother and child health. In this connection, Accelerated Action Plan for Reduction of Stunting and Malnutrition (AAP) has been launched. This is a multi-sectoral program involving eight sectors ie; Health, Education, Livestock, Fisheries, Agriculture, Local Government (WASH), Population Welfare and Social Welfare (Social Protection Unit). Through these interventions AAP aims at reducing a rate of stunting from 48 percent to 30 percent over the period of 5 years – 2 percent points per year. AAP is supported by World Bank, European Union, UNICEF and other development partners working in Sindh. The synergy between Government efforts and development partners’ program is likely to create a desired impact across the province.

Overall, purpose of the AAP is to stimulate a demand for health and nutrition related services, expand their coverage as well as improve quality of services. Government of Sindh is making all efforts to fast track implementation of the project. In this regard, Provincial Task Force has been constituted for strategic guidance, progress review and support. To this end, Task Force Secretariat for Nutrition has been established with required human and financial resources. Since it is a gigantic challenge we need your continuous support and suggestions for improving implementation approach and thereby delivery of services related to health and nutrition in Sindh province.

Syed Hasan Naqvi
Chairman, P&D Board
Government of Sindh