New Program For Promoting Rural Development in Sindh


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New Program For Promoting Rural Development in Sindh

A new program is in a process of being designed for rural development in Sindh. European Union is going to provide a grant worth 50 million Euros for five years (2021-2025) as a budgetary support to Govt of Sindh. At present four sectors have been identified which includes 1)Poverty Reduction Strategy, 2) Agriculture, 3) Nutrition and 4) Education/TVET.

Geographical target areas of the program are four districts. Dr Shereen Mustafa, Secretary (Planning) Planning and Development Board, Government of Sindh also spoke on the occasion. She said that a role of local support organisations (LSO) must be ensured by the identified sectors in order to make the program successful. Further, she said that a unique identity of households may be established to track beneficiaries and ensure required support on continuous basis. “Each Sector should have a clear strategy” she also added. Overall, it was very good discussion.


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