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Accelerated Action Plan for reduction of Stunting & Malnutrition is multi-sectoral plan of action prepared by the government of Sindh, led by the Planning & development Board in collaboration with development partners. the plan focuses on international best practices to combat Malnutrition by adopting nutrition specific and nutrition sensitive interventions. The strategic focus of the plan is to enhance inter-sectoral collaboration and coordination among key sectors; strengthen multi-sectoral monitoring and evaluation mechanisms to rejuvenate the hopes of population in the government.

The government of Sindh is strongly committed to root out the prevalence of malnutrition and stunting across the province by allocating adequate resources in its financial outlay in order to achieve the targets consolidated in Accelerated Action Plan for reduction of Stunting and Malnutrition.


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AAP Implementation Activities performed by participating sectors

Wednesday, March 11, 2020 News
Social and Behavior Change Communication Toolkit (nutrition specific) launched in Karachi under Accelerated Action Plan for Reduction of Stunting and Malnutrition(AAP).
Friday, January 24, 2020 Health News , News
Melas have been proving to be a success story as all stakeholders viz. AAP Sectors, NGOs, CBOs gather under one platform to covey message regarding birth-spacing, stunting and wasting.